Salming Kobra Handball shoe

Salming Kobra

Handball shoe

View our new Salming Kobra HERE

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adidas handball shoes 2016, for the real CHAMPION!

adidas handball shoes 2016, for the real CHAMPION!

The new collection adidas handball shoes 2016 is too good to be true. The power behind the collection is that it is suitable for both recreational and professional players to deliver a performance at top level! Below you will find more information concerning the two top models in the newest adidas handball collection.

adidas Counterblast Falcon

The adidas Counterblast Falcon is a new and improved handball shoe. This flagship model by adidas is lightweight and it fits the style of the lightweight player to the slightly heavy player. The upper is made of a strong mesh which offers ventilation and comfort.

The adidas Counterblast Falcon features SprintWeb technology which adds stability to the handball shoe during a rotation, high speed or when you turn.  AdiPRENE technology around the forefoot offers stability and it ensures that your foot settlement is comfortable and natural. The combination of the colors and the sportive design complete the look. Check the new Counterblast Falcon HERE.

adidas Stabil Boost II

The adidas Stabil Boost II is the favorite handball shoe of Nikola Karabatić. The new Stabil Boost features Energy Boost technology which improves the comfort level and it ensures maximum energy recovery. The integration of the adidas Sprint Plate results in a higher jump and support during the touch down.

Something remarkable of adidas is the Non Marking Top Grip rubber outersole. This sole is not only durable and made of the best materials, but it offers the best grip. During fast movements, acceleration and deceleration this sole ensures that you maintain your stability, so you can concentrate on the handball. Check the new Stabil Boost II HERE.

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Want to stay in shape?

Running and handball

A good combination

For every handball player it is important to stay in shape. This can be done in several ways, besides your weekly handball training. You can consider to start running, it will improve your endurance, speed and blood circulation. This will result in better performance when in a handball match. wants to help you and offers high quality running shoes so you can start running and improve your shape.

Our collection running shoes

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World Championship 2015 Qatar

The World Championship Handball 2015 for men will be in Qatar next year. This large handball event will begin on January 25, there will be 24 national teams in two cities compete for the world title. At this moment Spain is the world champion.

At the handball convention organized by the international handball federation, which was held in Malmö (Sweden), they announced that Qatar was the guest country for the World Championship 2015. Other candidates were France, Spain, Poland and Norway

Of course has the official Molten Qatar 2015 match handball.. Besides the Molten matchball, Select has an Qatar Replica Handball. Both are made for the World Championship handball 2015 in Qatar and made with high-quality material and durable technologies.

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New at

They arrived! The new collection Select handballs 2014. They are more solid, have a beautiful design and it lies perfect in your hand. Select used the newest technologies to deliver the best handball.

Colors and size

The Select handballs are available in different beautiful and striking colors and sizes. We have a wide range of handballs for the youngest handball players to the older more skilled players. With a Select handball you will get the best with minimal effort. Almost all the Select handballs are IHF approved en available in size 0, 1, 2, and 3. Read more
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Adidas handballshoes

Adidas 2014

Adidas Handball shoes 2014

The new Adidas handball shoes collection arrived at

Adidas launched their new stylish collection handball shoes. The solid and lighweight Adidas handballshoes contain the latest technologies. Adidas equipped their new handballshoes with a completely new designed innersole for more stability, support en power. This newly designed sole also ensures an excellent fit.

Adidas is al jaren de pionier op het gebied van handbalschoenen. Ieder jaar weer wordt er alles aan gedaan om de handbalschoenen nog lichter, beter en fijner te maken en zo de prestaties op het handbalveld te verbeteren. Met toevoeging van de Energysling, Sprintweb en Torsion System technologieën heeft Adidas ook dit jaar weer een grote stap voorwaarts gezet. Sterke, stevige handbalschoenen die door hun stijlvolle design opvallen en zorgen voor optimale prestaties in het veld.

Twijfel je nog over welke Adidas handbalschoenen je moet kiezen? Neem een kijkje bij de door ons samengestelde Adidas handbalschoenen top 5! Of ga direct naar de volledige collectie Adidas Handbalschoenen.

Adidas 2014

Adidas 2014

Adidas 2014

Adidas 2014

Adidas 2014


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Hummel handballshoes 2014

Hummel 2014

Hummel Handball shoes 2014

Supporting Hummel? The new handballshoes arrived! has the new Hummel handball shoes in their collection. Order before August 31, 2014 and receive a free pair of handballsocks. In addition to this little present we give a standard 10% discount on our shoes.

See our entire new collection Hummel handball shoes.

The top-5 Hummel handball shoes

Hummel 2014

Hummel 2014

Hummel 2014

Hummel 2014

Hummel 2014

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Salming handballshoes 2014

Salming Handbalschoenen

Salming, no nonsense handballshoes

The Salming handballshoes in our collection are -as we say- the bee's knees. The shoes are made of lightweight material and contain the unique Salming X-Factor technologies. The smart design of the shoe keep the feet in place while you have freedom of movement in every direction, which for sure increases the ease of playing. With the innovative Salming sole the heel and the ball receive more cushioning and stability. Also the outersole received some attention, it has 25% more traction, this ensures that you can turn faster!

Top 5 Salming handballshoes made their own top-5 Salming handballshoes. Choose your own cast-iron No NonSense Salming shoe!

Salming Handbalschoenen

Salming Handbalschoenen

Salming Handbalschoenen

Salming Handbalschoenen

Salming Handbalschoenen


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Kempa handballshoes 2014

Kempa Handbalschoenen 2014

KEMPA handballshoes 2014

The ultimate handball brand Kempa outdone itself again this year to make a new beautiful collection. made a top 5 with the best models!

Kempa Hurricane Women

Kempa Typhoon Men

Kempa Cyclone XL

Kempa Cyclone Men


Now available at

Order your new Kempa handballshoes before August 31, 2014 and receive a free pair of Salming indoorsocks. In addition to the present you also receive a 10% discount at

Do you want to see the entire new collection Kempa handball shoes? Click here!

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New collection Hummel handballclothing

Hummel Stay Authentic collectie

New Hummel handball clothing collection

Hummel recently expanded their collection with the new Hummel Stay Authentic line.

This brand new handball clothing collection has been inspired by the iconic Hummel World Championships ‘86 in Mexico. It is a tribute to both the handball and football players.

Hummel designed the Stay Authentic handball clothing collection with the thought “Great teams are simply mates united!”

Some of the products from the handball clothing collection.

Hummel Stay Authentic Mexico Shirt Men Hummel Stay Authentic Indoor Shirt Men Hummel Stay Authentic Bermuda Short Men
Stay Authentic Mexico Shirt Men Stay Authentic Indoor Shirt Men Stay Authentic Bermuda Short Men
Order now Order now Order now

Watch the promotion video, recorded in St. Pauli, Germany.

>>View our entire Hummel handball clothing collection<<

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